I don’t why cons and libs believe we ever had a democracy lol

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In order to safeguard democracy, Congress has voted to exempt itself and its members from upcoming IRS audits

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Besides all the other things everyone else has already said, this *is* a "hotel." Hotels, too, can rent rooms on AirBnB. So, on top of being anti-Cuba garbage, this tweet is also just wildly misinformed.

They didn't "rent the house," they got a room at a boutique hotel. twitter.com/evelynvwoodsen/sta

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Marxism-Leninism is incompatible with anarchism and left unity is a scam.

As anarchists, we are against the state in all forms. Helping MLs rise to power would be wildly contradictory to these beliefs. As we know, the state’s first priority is self-preservation.

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Dumping money only to get approval from the Joneses

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Black people who are obsessed with “luxury”, are the worst of us.

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stop watching “leftist” streamers and just read books

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US right wing: defund the FBI!
US center left: thank the FBI!
everyone else:

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You hate Joe Biden because you think he's a communist. I hate Joe Biden because I am a communist. We are not the same.

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"isn't it better to have a leftist in this position than a rightwinger" a lot of the time, no

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the Black left loves to shoot the messengers. I wanna be clear about this. Malcolm X called out the murderous and sexually exploitative NOI until his death. When he called for a Black united front he did NOT include that cult. If you f/w similar groups you not in his spirit

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White women being left out of the sex tourism conversation always baffles me

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I hate to be cynical but most people didn’t hate Black Hammer because of Gazi and their cultists. Most are happy that BBI radicals are disillusioned and really hate that BBI people ever had the nerve to build a better future for their people. Please forget these victims.

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if you hate Black Hammer fascist cult then you have a duty to support defectors however you can twitter.com/AtlantaJustice/sta

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The Black Hammer tragedy says a lot. How people do or don't react indicates a larger problem with a lot of this bullshit masquerading as radicalism. So much of it is about egos, competition, and exploitation. But this wasn't an isolated incident and it likely won't be the last.

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There's more to be done here than try to save face ideologically. Someone is dead. Kidnappings, abuse, assault, threats, etc. Black Hammer has been on this while people watched and supported them and worked with them anyways. Now silence, distancing, shrugs, jokes...

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the fact is that there are older heads who knowingly tolerate abusive cults for years and years. The Nation of Islam, African People's Socialist Party, Workers World, and PSL all fall under this category. Black Hammer is just the same logic taken to the extreme

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Please support! While not an Atlanta resident, this teacher has done incredible, invaluable work exposing Black Hammer in Atlanta. twitter.com/BrownSundjata/stat

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This has been the same critique of capitalism at least since the 20th century. The question is will the streets continue to be empty?

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Am I the only one that sees a problem with working 8-9 hours a day and then going home to having about 4 hours to yourself which includes getting ready for the next day??? This is not life…

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This! Stop trying to prove yourself to Tankies, Liberals, and Fascists. Mask up, seal your lips, and let your actions speak! Remember propaganda of the deed—clout ain’t shit.

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My siblings in anarchy, please shut up about the actions you've done.

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Africa isn't underdeveloped. It's overexploited by Western corporations that have looted its immense wealth.

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Capitalism says keep on smiling 🤡🤡🤡

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A clip from Don’t Look Up, and then a real TV interview that just happened

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