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Belarus: Update on the Uprising (November 2020)
As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had another chance to talk to Maria, an anarchist from Minsk, Belarus, about the situation in the country. We're getting a comprehensive update on the evolution of the protest
tactics, both on the st
#EnglischsprachigeBeiträge #Belarus #Counter-Insurgency #DecentralizedProtest #DigitalTactics #Repression #StateViolence #Update #uprising

Oh Biden won? Thats whatever he is already naming a team of folks who were ex-bush advisors and folks who helped Obama create the cages/bomb weddings and such.
Know why you don't hear about how many folks Trump drone struck?
Its because he got rid of the rule that said you had to report it.

@randalthor chicago teachers federation and rochester AFL-CIO have called for escalating labor actions in the event of a coup

Via Indigenous Action:

We are ungovernable on stolen land. Fuck Biden.

Biden has replaced Trump.
While some are celebrating a “safer” form of settler colonial violence, we have been bracing for the war to resume.

At the end of the day, Trump & Biden are two sides of the same coin. We will once again be subject to that lurid post-election wane of political fervor until the liberal tide recedes and we are left facing the same ecological and social violence as before.


its okay to enjoy the moment, just don't forget we still have to keep doing the actual work ;)

ABC news: ‘some businesses prepare for riots in their cities’


My comrades in denver put together a weekly/bi weekly distro to help the homeless population which is despised by the leaders of the city and treated particularly brutal by the DPD. If you can help out in anyway its greatly appreciated!
Solidarity friends

whoops a daisy.
getting murdered by a pinkerton in 2020 is such a major L. Damn racists you're a massive joke LOL

security gaurd for channel 9 was engaged with mace. security engaged with single shot. end scenehttps://www.9news.com/article/news/crime/shooting-near-dueling-rallies-denver-2-in-custody/73-6890f727-e44a-4a60-a777-a6fbe0730e0e
A private security guard who was hired by 9NEWS is the suspect detained by DPD. It has been the practice of 9NEWS for a number of months to hire private security to protect staff at protests.
so fash got got by a rent a cop.

I dont want to root for a deadly virus that harms us all...but if it wants to take out a few fascists then I can't argue

The Birmingham Free Store has lost most of its funding and is looking for help, in the form of monetary and material support, as well as connections to sources of funding or supplies that match their values. Please contact them if you have any information that might help, and spread the word

Here's the call for solidarity posted to @igd_news : itsgoingdown.org/call-for-soli

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