Yes, with Biden's inauguration we're going back to the status quo.


We're still dropping like flies from a fucking plague, cops are still shooting people in the streets, people are still being evicted, white nationalists are still organizing openly ....

Biden being inaugurated hasn't changed a goddamn thing. Quit acting like a miracle has just occured.

The beauty of Trump from a leftist perspective is that he didn't hide shit... he was so open in his hateful fascist cultist bullshit, there was no way to ignore it.

Some one like Biden who does the same shit, but quietly, allows many to go back to pretending nothing is fucking wrong, and stifles any support we gained.

I'm just waiting for Biden/Harris to pass some "domestic terrorism" bullshit and exponentially increase the power of the police state.

Even though the Maga crowd would be the public target of domestic terrorism legislation, any such power will end up being used against BIPOC and lefist organizers far more aggressively.

@AnarchyGrandpa People are trying to tell me he is the only president not to go to war in however long only we never stopped. Like we were actively in a war before Trump and continue to be in one after. There are still kids in cages, cops are still out there killing people, and there was still that fascist mob attacking congress 2 weeks ago.


@AnarchyGrandpa As most of us in my circle are saying, there's still a lot of work to do, but now maybe we can do it


@filkerdave tell me that after the next "domestic terrorism" bill becomes law.


I haven't seen anyone claiming a miracle has occurred. But is it not fair to be just a little bit hopeful that things in the US may improve now that a much less extreme party is in charge of things?

We mustn't say nothing's changed just because things aren't perfect.

@mtorpey Mr. '94 crime bill is only "less extreme" in that he doesn't say the quiet parts out loud unlike Trump. But rainbow coalition fascism with a fucking smiley face is still fucking fascism.

@AnarchyGrandpa That seems like an overstatement.
We've got to acknowledge there's a huge difference between the outgoing and present administrations in how they'll treat people and affect people's lives.

Surely we have to see there's a difference between "making things better too slowly" and "actively making things worse".

Making things better too slowly? Look at the effects some of Biden's past legislation has had. For example the '94 crime bill, which dramatically increased incarceration rates in the US, particularly for marginalized persons. Or "The Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995" which went on to become the core of the patriot act. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy Trump is gone and his cult is imploding. But going by Biden's record he won't make anything better, he'll just be more quiet about it.

Now one thing I will give Biden credit for is that he will have a much better response to the pandemic. The man isn't a complete buffoon, and does know when to shut up and listen to experts.

We'll get just enough concessions to keep people from grabbing torches and pitchforks, but that's it.

@AnarchyGrandpa No, no no no, stick to the stuff you know, if you want to be cool follow one simple rule, don't mess with the flow nononoooo, stick to the status quo '8

Yeah Disney is behind this for sure.

Fuck Biden, fuck the status quo.

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