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CW: discussion of sexual violence.

A dear comrade of mine was recently sentenced to 7 years in prison for defending themself from a would be r*pist. This injustice must be protested and stopped!

And what that looks like is up to the people who were harmed, not those of us who benefited from their harm.

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And not only does the US owe reparations domestically but we owe for every genocide, coup, and military action we have committed or supported throughout our history into the modern day.

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No amount of "repairs," i.e. political reforms, is going to fix anything until the foundation is addressed. So, lacking a time machine, how do we do that? Well, that's not really for me to say. What does "land back" mean to the Indigenous peoples of this land? What should reparations look like to the people harmed and enslaved during the formation of this country? That is for those groups to decide, and the rest of of need to listen to what they say.

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When a building has a broken foundation, no amount of repairs to the upper structure will be successful, until the foundation itself is fixed. So it is with the United States. The country was literally built as a white supremacist settler colonial project. When hereditary aristocracy was rejected during the American revolution, it was simply replaced with an aristocracy of capital, the bourgeoisie. That is the country's broken foundation.

“Anarchists know that a long period of education must precede any great fundamental change in society, hence they do not believe in vote begging, nor political campaigns, but rather in the development of self-thinking individuals.”

― Lucy Parsons

As Malatesta said, "We anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want the people to emancipate themselves."

Anything that takes agency away from the people themselves is contradictory to anarchist principles. Yes, "justified" hierarchies can be adopted when needed, even under anarchism, but those hierarchies must then be discarded when that need is over. Power must always flow to the lowest possible level.

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"But we need a Vanguard party, we need an established core to pull us to salvation"

No, you don't. Your repeating the fallacy that people need to be lead by some person in charge, that's a variation of "The Great Man Theory."

No, in anarchist thought we're small communities that work together with each other to liberate ourselves. "We Help Us."

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"We have to have a vanguard to face other military forces"

No dude, a military force is a military force, an army is an army. The Leninist concept of a "Vanguard Party" is the concept of a ruling party because the working class cannot be trusted to govern itself in Leninist thought. That is anti-revolutionary as all fuck.

Hell, Anarchists have armies when needed. Several of which have done quite well militarily.

And yes, I've fucking read Lenin, that's why I disagree with it.

"Have the prices of your favorite things just risen sharply?"

"You my friend should follow the example of our Bavarian comrades, who following a tax which increased the price of beer, rioted in the streets for days on end, forcing the tax to be repealed, and prices restored to their former levels."

DON'T TRY TO CO-OPT THE WORK OF ALREADY EXISTING REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE GROUPS!!! Seriously, if you want to do something as an activist, look up what groups are already active and working in your area, and follow their lead.

Compromising with those who refuse to compromise just means those refusing to compromise will still get their way, it just takes longer.

#OtD 6 May 1933 Nazis raided the Institute of Sex Research in Berlin. It was a pioneering org which supported gay and trans rights, and equality for women. It employed numerous trans workers and pioneered gender affirmation surgery. Its library was then burned

#OtD 6 May 1987 popular UK tabloid The Sun published an article entitled "Fly away gays – and we will pay!". They were offering free one-way plane tickets to Norway to gay activists to leave the country for good. More LGBT history in our podcast:

“While there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.” ― Eugene V. Debs

Anarchist Communist Group: **How many ‘rights’ make a wrong?**

"In the confirmed leak, the US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, calls the 1973 Roe v Wade ruling – which legalised abortion across …"

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You are not a billionaire, and you never will be. It is only when the least among us are completely free that you will be free.

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"No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave...."

Guess fucking what, if you work for someone else for a wage or a salary, you are a hireling. You are working class. You were never meant to have a voice in this country. Realize that!

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