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Even though the Maga crowd would be the public target of domestic terrorism legislation, any such power will end up being used against BIPOC and lefist organizers far more aggressively.

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The beauty of Trump from a leftist perspective is that he didn't hide shit... he was so open in his hateful fascist cultist bullshit, there was no way to ignore it.

Some one like Biden who does the same shit, but quietly, allows many to go back to pretending nothing is fucking wrong, and stifles any support we gained.

I'm just waiting for Biden/Harris to pass some "domestic terrorism" bullshit and exponentially increase the power of the police state.

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Yes, with Biden's inauguration we're going back to the status quo.


We're still dropping like flies from a fucking plague, cops are still shooting people in the streets, people are still being evicted, white nationalists are still organizing openly ....

Biden being inaugurated hasn't changed a goddamn thing. Quit acting like a miracle has just occured.

If the thin blue line and the red hats want to kill each other ... we just stay the fuck out of the way.

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Why didn't "Antifa" defend the capitol against the fascists? We consider the neoliberal state an enemy or the people as well. We don't fucking care if it falls.

Our job is to defend the people against fascism. It's simple no authority keeps us safe, no higher power keeps us safe, we the people keep each other safe. No cops, no militias, no state. We organize in neighborhoods to defend the people living there from any violence that spills over.

10^10^10 is read, ten raised to the tenth power raised to the tenth power, in programmer speak.

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Fascists should be deplatformed. Will social media companies use those same rules to silence leftists? Of course they will, we already know that, which is why many of us are already on our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ... 10^10^10th Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. WE STILL DEPLATFORM FASCISTS!

United States politics: The hell hounds are bad but the imps are worse so help the hell hounds against the imps.
And if you refuse to help the hell hounds you're helping the imps.

There will be a reprisal from the militarized police state. But since that state supports the fascists, the reprisals will not focus on those responsible (more than token arrests for appearance sake) but instead target left wing and marginalized voices.

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Yes, sometimes we will "violently" respond to structural violence but that is a defensive action.

What we saw yesterday was pure aggression. That it was headed by white-supremacists, is telling. That was an attempt at a fascist insurgency, and gave them both a symbolic victory and a martyr in the woman who was killed.

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So after the Trump supporting neo-fascists stormed the capital yesterday, the news keeps conflating violence with "anarchy" and violent actors with "anarchists." Which, of course, is a bullshit take.

When Rush Limbaugh said "consent is the key to the left" he wasn't wrong. Committing violence against a person is the ultimate lack of consent to us. While violent and militant actions are tools to be used, they are tools of last resort. "Cooperation not competition" is one of our guides.

"The best tool for radicalization is helping people meet their material needs, shouting 'Read Theory' at everyone can be very counter productive. Theory is great, but it won't fill an empty stomach."

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