@Anarcat this isn't the great idea it has been made to sound like. nationalising isn't socialism, it just means the state is the boss while workers continue to paid in wages. internet co-ops are what is needed.

@crashglasshouses congratulations on not reading the article, try again

@crashglasshouses you can also try "find in page" in your web browser, to look for keywords you are expecting in that silver bullet of yours

@Anarcat weird to call an article "how to nationalise" but it's not about that. misleading.

@crashglasshouses there are many ways to nationalize, just the state owning companies is one way, i suggest others.

@Anarcat nationalising is not socialism. why did you lie and say that's not what the article is about? that's all it's about.

@crashglasshouses first you tell me nationalisation is not a good idea because it's not socialism and that we need coops. then i tell you that you haven't read the article, which you do not refuse, then tell me it's weird because you don't believe the article is still not about nationalisation, then you tell me i lie. are you okay?

@Anarcat k fuck off, i don't need this manipulative bullshit. bye.

@crashglasshouses i'm going to mute you for now, because this is annoying, distracting, and wasting my time, maybe it would be better if i block you so you don't equally get distracted by my posts? also feel free to unfollow...

@Anarcat More constructively... There isn't any reason that I can see, not technical, economic, political, except maybe pigheadness that Rogers or anyone else shouldn't have multiple useful paths out of the country. I think the reason for Rogers' shap today has a lot to do with how they grew..

@Anarcat They are a cable company grew by acquisition, and put the networks that they subsumed inside their boundary. As they grew, they also acquired enough clout to effect regulatory capture which compounded the problem...

@Anarcat You seem to be arguing that we should try to build infrastructure by designing it instead of growing it randomly. What a radical thought!

@ve0hak i know right, radical, but probably extremely naive too

@ve0hak last time i wrote a post like this, 6 years later it was on the platform of a single political party, so i guess it's worth a shot..

@ve0hak i'm trying to tell myself that it is *not* what led to billions of dollars bleeding out to the private sector (in response to the idea), but i have that feeling too...

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