If some people want to contribute to @torproject but don't know where to start, this week is hackweek ! This means peoples will work on smaller projects, some of which are technical, but some of which aren't, like a project about making comics that draw analogies on Tor.

You can have a look here for more information hackweek.onionize.space/hackwe

@a000d4f7a91939d0e71df1646d7a48 @torproject I've become wary of events in which only some people are paid. By relying on volunteer work, #FOSS projects exacerbate lines of oppression. Who will show up at such events? White men from western countries, people who don't need to work a dayjob, have high income, or family wealth, who don't do care work. This is the main reason why FOSS has #diversity issues. The others who show up exploit themselves for a future.


@ulrike @a000d4f7a91939d0e71df1646d7a48 @torproject with that in mind, i encourage people to come to the hack week, but make sure you get paid by your current work :)

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