@Anarcat Thank you for writing this. I am also quite exasperated with what Matrix has become. IMO it is a step up from IRC being able to read messages from when I was offline, but other than that, ugh. Matrix has been around long enough now that I don't have a lot of hope for it getting better, especially with the ridiculous feature bloat that keeps growing, making it impossible for independent clients to keep up, while performance and UX fall by the wayside.

@Anarcat I think there's room for a better federated messaging protocol that doesn't try to do everything.

@be @Anarcat xmpp works fine for me. That is, if I ignore the existence of Apple devices. 😂

@daniel @Anarcat I tried to use XMPP years ago with a friend. That lasted about 5 minutes before we discovered that messages just don't go through if the receiver isn't online.

Ah yes, that might need some server extension to be enabled. Did you self-host, or were you just unlucky with the client/server combination? There are several projects to easy the onboarding, like snikket, quicksy and conversations.im

@daniel @Anarcat I don't know and don't care. Any system where that's even potentially a problem is inadequate.

@be @daniel @Anarcat as with anything XMPP, there are at least two ways this should already work: XEP-0013 and XEP-0160.

0160is supported by both Prosody and eJabberd. 0013 only by ejabberd but that should only matter if you do not want to receive such messages immediately when you reconnect

@be @Anarcat I would much rather see something like Matrix just acting as some sort of an SSO service after they get the thing with being able to carry your identity across different homeservers and THEN experimenting with crazy stuff like that, rather than just trying to be everything and anything. ;_;

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