This is a beautiful community created over five years ago by a group of houseless folks. They built their own homes and work together to maintain a sustainable community. Portland state officials are trying to tear it down.

What they've created here is beautiful! We need more of these communities, not less!

I’m gonna say it again. Housing is a human right. 🏴

If a cop visits you, don't keep it to yourself
If an agent visits you or you are questioned while being detained or arrested, don't keep it to yourself. Police want us to feel isolated and ashamed, by sharing information we can better prepare ourselves and our networks for repression and stop the spread of rumors.
If an agent is questioning you, at home, while under arrest, or while detaining you:
-Don't tell them anything beyond your name, date of birth, and address. If put under pressure you can say "I don't have anything to say, I want to speak to a lawyer" or "I will not be answering any questions without talking to a lawyer first."
-Ask to speak with a lawyer.
-Try to remember the questions they ask you.
-Ask for their card, so that you can share their name, position, and agency they work for.
After the encounter:
-Tell your friends and comrades.
-Contact an anti-repression organization or lawyer to better protect yourself.
-Make a public statement about what happened to inform others and squash any misinformation. Anti-repression organizations can help you write one. You don't need to sign your name, it's fine to be anonymous.
The police already know what moves they make, while trying to keep us in the dark. There's no point in keeping what they do a secret, when we spread information about their activities, it only makes us stronger and better equipped to make informed choices.
Up Against The Law Legal Collective (484) 758 0388
Philly Anti-Repression Fund (267) 460 1886

be careful throwing tomatoes at bronze statues or plaques, it causes a chemical reaction with the copper that causes irreversible decay and corrosion known as "bronze disease". seawater and other solutions containing chlorides can have this effect too. you wouldnt want to inexorably ruin any statues, so be very careful.

The state knows how to deal with formal, rigid organizations; they can identify their structure and decapitate them. They do not have nearly the same success rate fighting against fluid, small groups who communicate through a constantly shifting series of alliances, and using solid encryption along the way.

The strategic advantages of this structure do not eliminate the need for operational security though. So, watch whats happening, stay safe, and remember, nothing on the internet ever dies.

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TFW you piss the world population off with austerity policies, and hypercapitalism. And you think Social Media is the issue?

No we just talked to eachother about the publicly published policies that you enacted. And well, you just happened to prove Marx.

Theirs no conspiracy here, everyone's pissed, and lashing out in different ways.

Antifascists have been compiling IDs of those who attended the attempted coup in DC on Jan 6. IDs are viewable here
You can submit IDs anonymously here

To be very clear: fuck all those white nationalists, but also like how are you talking about abolishing prisons and then yelling about prison sentences not being long enough? You either want to be rid of the state or you support the state's power so long as it's lorded over someone you disagree with.

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Repeat it all together with me:

The problem isn't "polarization"

The problem is white supremacy

Image Description: “As revolutionaries, we don’t have the right to say we are tired of explaining. We must never stop explaining. We know that when the people understand, they cannot help but follow us.”
- Thomas Sankara

"This move is quantifiably far, far worse than anything Trump could possibly have done to incite the Capitol riot, as it will kill far, far more people, yet the mass media fixate on one news story while virtually ignoring the other. This is because the Capitol riot story feeds into partisan narratives and manufactures consent for authoritarian domestic terrorism laws, while the Yemen story highlights the depravity of US imperialism."

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