"Anarchist" groups on facebook are a mixed bag. Some are actually anarchist groups. Others just seem to attract racist and fascists who want to play at anarchy.

Dear fellow leftists, we have to be on guard for those in our midst that through ignorance or malice come across sounding a lot like Nazis and Nazi sympathizers.

Part of that is also going to be stopping and taking a look at what we ourselves might be saying/doing when someone suggests that we are sounding like such.

A good starting point would be to NOT stick your nose in a conversation and say "But what's wrong with that," when someone is calling people out for using Nazi slogans.

Dear leftists.

What tools can you think of that would be useful, or even important, that either aren't already out there, aren't accessible, or the versions that are there are already crawling with cryptofash?

Quick question, probably not simple:

Where would I look/what phrases would I google to find information on leftist infrastructure in the US?

So far my attempts have dug up articles written by far right sources.

Not quite ready to eat the rich, try giving this a read:


I question the credentials of the journal that let this tripe get published.

The Birmingham Free Store has lost most of its funding and is looking for help, in the form of monetary and material support, as well as connections to sources of funding or supplies that match their values. Please contact them if you have any information that might help, and spread the word

Here's the call for solidarity posted to @igd_news : itsgoingdown.org/call-for-soli

Without going into specifics: Tsun Tzu did have comments on how to deal with fucked up leaders.

People keep using the bible to say to have compassion for Trump.

The bible talks in repeatedly about dealing with political leaders who are tyrannical or fuck up this badly.

When dealing with this sort of situation, the scriptural response, for those who believe in the bible, is G*d flat up telling the people "You want to handle this one yourself, or want me to take care of it?"

"Turn the other cheek" does not apply to leaders who fuck up this bad.

Strangely the most recent announcement is the result of an ultra-rare example of ideological consistency.

What is the common usage for hashtags on this platform? Is it similar to Twitter?

Dear Liberals, the general elections are starting, and the DNC has foisted a the worst possible candidate on us. Literally the only reason many are voting for him is that he is not Trump. Trump works daily to make Biden a viable candidate.

A lot of us are going to vote for him, but we expect you to actually live up to your promise of holding him accountable. Past behavior does not leave us a lot of hope. You need to be just as angry in march as you are now.


I am trying to think of the best way to turn a 750 word rant into a 500 character toot.

I may need to copy it to my blog, and paste a link. 🙂

There. Much better. Now I can start ranting a little more regularly. :)


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