This Facebook group was created recently by Riley Carter, who recently bought a house in town and wants to goad his paranoid neighbors into taking violent actions against our most vulnerable and already demonized community members. The people spoken about as animals here are our friends and family, they are members of this community. Raising the temperature of the paranoid right at this moment is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous.

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🚨🚨🚨 FASH WATCH ALERT 🚨🚨 Content Warning. Dehumanizing talk about assault and murder of vulnerable community members.

🧐This group clearly violates many of Facebooks community guidelines and the company has ways users can report groups they find have violated such policies.

#OtD 17 Jul 2014 Eric Garner, an unarmed Black man, was choked to death by white NYPD officers while arresting him for allegedly selling loose cigarettes. The event sparked protests across the US as part of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

[ID: older style edited propaganda poster of a woman in a black dress striding through a field sowing while carrying a black cat in a basket. Text reads "Sow the seeds of Anarchy! plant and raise your own affinity group. Call the antifa hotline. Get a free packet of drugs, and zines on queer love, eating trash, and witchcraft." Woman is also saying "fuck this shit" /ID]

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Let's celebrate America's Independence by blowing up chunks of it at the detriment of the environment, countless animals and people with sensory issues and PTSD, and the waste of precious limited resources is about American as it gets

💌She got back to US! Maybe the sneaking out of recovery to take care of these streets has her response time lacking 🤔.

Take your time Annie.
We got you & see you pushing through!

🙏Let's keep sharing Family! $1200/9000

STILL taking care of us all. We got her too!

⛑️🤕🎗💸Her fundraiser link here!

Hoquiam Police Department thanks for the excellent photos. We decided to finish them up for y'all free of charge. Here's some copaganda on us...

Now we have a request for our community. One of our core organizers is experiencing medical issues requiring substantial bills. Please consider that this person would, and probably has, helped you in the same situation. Now they need us.

Donate here:

⤴️Share this post, don't just like it. We really need to flex this networks capabilities here and show up for our comrade.

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👋This network has grown substantially in the short time it's been around. So much of that effort has been done by a very small group of core organizers.

✊Folx who always show up, and do the actual work of networking, recruiting, and organizing the events and actions we've taken together.

The life that society offers us is not a full, free and joyful life. It is a crushed, mutilated, humiliated life. We must refuse it.
-- Renzo Novatore

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Today—June 11, the International Day of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners—we honor activists like Marius Mason who are imprisoned for their brave efforts to halt the destruction of the biosphere we all depend on for life.

For more background:



A few weeks ago we were contacted by the folx at Grays Harbor Talk about doing a article and interview on our work in their publication.

The article is now published and we're excited to share it here!

#OtD 13 Jun 1919 200,000 attended in Berlin the funeral procession for martryed revolutionaries Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, who were murdered during the German Revolution by the proto-fascist Freikorps militia.

Sorry these were showing as out of stock, but that problem is now fixed


If you like this quotation, get it on this union-made in the US T-shirt, with permission from the Ursula Le Guin Literary Trust (now available in more sizes):


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