No more Prime Ministers. Society has moved past the need for Prime Ministers.

"Solidarity with all prisoners, and kill the bill!" - Anarchist Federation Member's speech at Saturday's demo in

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"And as we work for abolition, we must also support each other - those of us within prison walls and without. Write to prisoners - we have recently organised groups to do so here in Bristol, and are hoping to do so again, should people want help, or community, as they do so."

"For all our comrades in prison, right now: we support and stand with you. You are in there for us, and we must continue to do as we have done today, and show up outside for them!"

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"I, personally, experienced extreme and gendered violence at the hands of a police officer, being kicked multiple times in the chest and stomach, for doing owt but standing with a first aid kit, ready to help those around me."

"It is clearly evident that we cannot trust police to do anything but harm us the moment we challenge state power; we will never have safe communities without complete and total abolition!"

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"Today we call for the freedom of our comrades imprisoned for their work against the draconian PCSC bill; we call for more than that, too.

"For a repeal of the bill, yes, but also for freedom for ALL those behind bars, and for an end to our corrupt and violent policing system, as all policing systems are corrupt and violent."

"This time last year, I and many other comrades experienced mass amounts of police violence, for no reason other than the state deemed it acceptable to beat us."

By standing with these prisoners and defendants we show that we are on the side of resistance, not repression. On the side of the people, not the state.

Let’s come together on the 6th August in solidarity with those that fought against the state and its fascist legislation.

Free The Prisoners
Drop The Charges

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Some did very little, some did a lot, some did simply nothing more than refuse to leave their friends whilst the police beat them.

All should be free.

It is time to come together again against the multitude of increasingly fascist legislation that this government has put through: The PCSC Bill, The Spy Cops Bill, The Nationality and Borders Bill, The Overseas Operations Bill. Look them up.

It is time to come together by standing with these prisoners. To show the state who’s side we are on.

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For fighting, for resisting, for saying no. For not accepting the police beating friends or strangers with shields and batons. For not accepting the state continuing to increase its power over already the most marginalised people. For refusing to allow the police to break our demonstration, “Who’s Streets?” No really - who’s are they? Or for simply fighting back on no other principle than that the police are the enemy of the people, the long arm of systematic racism, poverty and inequality.

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For the past year we have watched friends and loved ones be taken into the criminal injustice system, locked for years behind walls of steel, stone and barbed wire. For what?

Join International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in 2022!

The call for #woswap2022 is finally out, and you can find it on our website:

Share the news, follow and get involved! No one is free, till all are free!

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"A pretty interesting educational tool. It gives players a sense of how chaotic the aforementioned uprisings were, while allowing them to choose how things play out."

Vincent Parsons takes a look 2017's Riot: Civil Unrest for Red and Black Gamers.

What the Corona Virus Pandemic Can Teach Us About Security Culture, written by @hakan_geijer with artwork by zer0coil. You'll find a PDF reader and A4 Imposed files for print at the end via @seddistro.

"It was the corrupting influence of power that turned Boris Johnson into that pathetic shell of a human that we know him as today. It was power that made the Tory rats flee the sinking ship at the very last possible moment..."

Everyone acting like wasn't a right wing, reactionary conservative who supported a ultra nationalist historical revisionist agenda and put together a cabinet members included former second in commander Tarō Asō who once stated Hitler had the "right motives". No tears.

we've been hate crimed: transphobia, homophobia, antisemitism 

sometime around 2am this morning we suffered a sustained attack on our shopfront with some kind of club, shattering our windows

it's the second time this week and no other businesses have been targeted, so we have to conclude this was a hate crime. we're all safe but a little shaken, particularly with escalating transphobia here and the antisemitic shooting in highland park, illinois.

"... even though the Balochs make up only 5% of the Iranian population, they make up more than 21% of the executed."

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