Dear comrades and supporters. We are out of money and getting in minus as we speak to continue support of comrades repressed in . Currently we need 25 000 euro to be able to cover costs for next 2 months in the best case.

If you don't fancy subscribing our don't want to download a pdf, don't worry! We have the entire edition uploaded on our website for you to browse through:

Happy reading!

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Credit where it's due for the cover art, check out the vintage propaganda from the amazing Loki Gwynbleidd:

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A little later than expected, but Organise! 96 is in the can!

If you want a copy of 96 and any future editions we have in the pipeline, while also supporting our website and other activities, consider becoming a subscriber at:

You can also grab the PDF from our discord:

If you ever wondered how to say it in Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) then wonder no further:

'Tha a h-uile banrigh, air adhmhar do sheachdanta, nàmhaid an t-sluaigh.'


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As we enter the Platinum Jubilee here in the UK, one truth to remember over the weekend.



Prisoners writing workshop starting tonight (Thurs 28th) at 18:00/06:00 pm UK time in the Organise! Discord using the prisoner-support room. Unfortunately the previous link has expired, so use the one below to join if you haven't already:


Tomorrow (the 27th of April) there will be a workshop on writing letter's to prisoners on the Organise! Discord. It will be at 18:00/06:00pm UK time. It will be in the 'prisoner-support' room.

It will be a nice steady session with guides included.

On Thursday the 28th of April at 18:00 BST there will be a Prisoner writings sessions focusing on writing letter's to prisoners.

Will have guide's and provide help for those who haven't done it before. Be a nice casual session.

Event will run on the 'Organise!' Discord at the link below. It will be in the -support room.

We're proud to announce for a limited time only you can get an official Anarchist Federation 'Black Bloc' NFT.

Limited to 1312 and starting at £161, we also accept all other currencies and BitCoin.

Don't delay, get yours today and show other Comrades how committed you are to the Revolution.

Wee heads up for Antifascists in and around the Bristol area and those willing to travel there.

Stephen Waxy Lemon and his rascist 'For Britain' are coming to celebrate the slave trader Colston and have an anti-BLM protest.

Join comrades and friends in opposing their hate on the 9th of April.

The uprising in Sudan continues. The past few days has seen the movements close down the capital city, Khartoum, bringing the city to a stand still.

Read "Dispatch From Khartoum #3"

Tomorrow at 1800 UK time Anarchists from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia will discuss the invasion and the people are fighting back.

Links below:

The London Anarchist Federation are having their second Solidarity Cafe of the month in Dalston. Pop round on the 26th. This time its a special Queer edition.

More information in the picture.

Here is a working list of Anarchist responses to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

Link's are provided without editorial commentary from a broad range of Anarchist Tendencies and will include more as time goes on.

A sneak peek at the next cover and subscriber poster of Organise from LokiGwyn. It should be arriving 1st of May in the UK. The Linktree for all sites and shop is below.

Previous back issue's are available for free here

To subscribe use this link here

The Fundraiser has hit its 'goal', but more can still be added. Help Sudanese Comrades and raise funds to help keep protestors safe.

A statement from the London Anarchist Federation and AF Nomads on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With links for material solidarity at the end.

A collective effort to offer federated social media to anarchist collectives and individuals in the fediverse. Registrations are open. is made by anarchists and anti-colonialists, for the social movements and for liberation!