Joe Biden has been president for 45 days and there are still concentration camps at the border.

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La guerre menée par l'Arabie Saoudite au Yemen a encore fait plusieurs dizaines de victimes, rien qu'aujourd'hui.
Restera-t-il quelques mots aux nombreux laudateurs d'Olivier #Dassault pour les victimes des armes dont la vente a fait la fortune familiale ?


Depuis quelques jours l'UNEF Grenoble est ciblée par une campagne nous accusant d'avoir proféré un "fatwa" et l'extrême-droite demandant même notre "dissolution". Voici notre communiqué en réponse et clarifiant la situation.


Un travail très fourni de Blast au sujet de la communication gouvernementale sur le web, notamment auprès des influenceurs.

They already knew very well about the L in LGBTQ+, and they also were very cool with it. Amazing, I know. Almost like the issue was bigots, and not the existence of other people.

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You'll never guess: just had to explain to a kid at school (primary) that trans people exist and you know what: they found it perfectly ok and normal. If you're a TERF, you literally haven't reached the maturity level of a primary school kid.

More than 5000 people protested in solidarity with hunger and thirst striker Dimitris Koufontinas, demanding the state respects it's laws and moves Koufontinas at Korydallos prison whre he is entitled to be. #koufontinas_hunger_strike #Greece

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