That new Batman trailer makes it clear they’ve made a purely vibes based movie. This is going to be terrible.

Winslow(Left) saying one last goodbye to Gordon(Right) who is being put down tomorrow #cats #cat

The bbc, not happy with hating migrants from only one side of the border have decided to step it up a bit

Considering the recent reactions to a dead Tory (good) I know exactly why they’re tolerating it and yes it’s going to continue. It’s been going on for 2 years.

Need to go take some autumn pictures but have had 0 inspiration. It’s been months now. Is this depression?

It was meant to say “drivers hating” but the doors opened.

If superman’s heart was really in it, he could solve the issue straight away. But he would need to do things to the powerful and he won’t. Take it to mean whatever you want.

Remember when a white dude went on a rampage this summer and the cops rushed to declare it “NOT terrorism” within hours.

All proceeds from any purchases of our stickers for the rest of October will go towards the strike fund for Kellogg's workers.

In addition, we'll stuff every envelope we send out with 1"x2" paper labels you can slap on Kellogg's cereal boxes or on the shelf price tag for Kellogg's products in your grocery store.

To contribute, you can purchase from our etsy, via email, or make donations directly here:

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