Leftists insist there’s no difference between Trump and a Democrat in the Whitehouse, but I have a hard time believing Hillary Clinton would have backed out of the Paris Climate Accord, the Iran Nuclear Deal, the UNHRC, UNESCO, and the WHO.

US billionaires got so much richer during COVID, they could give every family in the US 430$ a month for a year (5,278$ total) with just their COVID profits.

All 122,000,000 of us.

I just wanted you to know praxis is a silly word that people use to make themselves sound like serious business.

I guess Twitter is removing poses hoping 45 dies.

I sure hope 45 dies.

Is there any enemy more insidious than our own hopeless despair?

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Even if it kills him it doesn’t fix what’s broken. There is no cutting off the head of the snake. A brief reprieve is all we can hope for and the only panacea will be actual growth and a rejection and reparation of and for the old way.

The moral high ground is worthless if at the expense of total obliteration. History will not applaud you in your unmarked grave.

Capitalism perpetuates itself through insidious means. You could have a million ideas for bettering your community, educating others, or even just expressing yourself. None of that matters if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to even catch your breath, let alone self-actualize.

This is by design.

Came here to say the things that get me banned on Facebook.

Everyone should burn down a police station. If we all burned down one... many hands make light work.


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