Remember, if you have been working from home and your work decides that they have to end that and you don't want to, make sure to frame everything in terms of them changing the relationship. Not 'I am not willing to come work in the office', it is 'I am saddened by your unwillingness to work with me in a reasonable way.'

Always put the responsibility/blame on them. They are making a change and it is their responsibility to deal with any problems from it. Don't let them pretend otherwise.

Guns and violence 

Yeah, I'm done with the whole gun control debate. Its only function is to reinforce the status quo. Even if democrats actually get laws passed, those laws would have to be enforced by cops and firearms dealers who don't actually enforce them. If gun control was actually going to work it would have stopped Dylann Roof.

But even if we pretend that gun control would work, fascists will just murder us with cars, bombs, or poison gas. The problem isn't guns, it's America...

The virgin cop:
- fears for his life
- hates people who are different
- "I need backup! I need backup!"
- constantly lobbying for money
- runs when actual danger is present

The chad Bigfoot:
- knows no fear
- knows people are diverse and treats them equally
- one ape hit squad
- lives off the land
- runs whenever he pleases

castle and shark, adventure golf, route 441, pigeon forge, tennessee, 1984

> Unable to find a catalogue of all the primary forests remaining in the province, Conservation North stitched together ten government data sets to fill in the picture. The resulting map, which the group titled “Seeing Red,” resembles a splotch of blood oozing across the landscape. It illustrates their main finding—75 percent of the province’s primary forests have been cut.

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Gun control is white supremacist and counterrevolutionary. The first gun laws that were enacted in the United States were aimed at restricting former slaves from owning firearms. Gun control serves the state and leaves us at the mercy of the police for protection, and weakens our ability to defend our communities from fascists. To preserve anarchy, you gotta be able to defend it. Get armed, train and learn your firearm, learn medical skills to save lives, take a Stop the Bleed course.


The school district for Robb Elementary has its own police department with 5 cops and 1 security guard. The city of Uvalde's police department recieved just under 40% of the entire city's budget for the year and got a 500k grant from the state. Neither stopped today's massacre.


Anarchist partisans in #Russia from Fighting Organization of Anarchist Communists damaged railways going to the military object in attempt to sabotage the infrastructure of the regime. #Anarchism #Ukraine

aztec motel, office detail, route 66, albuquerque, new mexico, 2003

We've prepared a zine version of "The City in the Forest," our overview of the fight to defend the forest in Atlanta against a proposed police compound.

Please print and distribute these to help drive conversations about how to defend ecology everywhere!

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