Latest Episode of the podcast: check it out, lots to learn, I talk professional workers and later the 'worker shortage'

I took an invitation to join a panel on infighting in the Left. Being on Twitch the host likely thought the topic is focused on online drama, but inviting myself an another irl organizer dramatically changes the discussion towards the causes and solutions of toxic conflicts.

I can’t talk about Mass Transit without continuing to talk about cities and housing policy, which touches many areas, so I focus in on zoning and regulations, uses of urbanism, and of course some capitalism bashing.

No idea if anyone is seeing thses; but here is the latest episode of my podcast; doing more twitch content as well.

The latest Episode of the Podcast: problemly contenious: I go class first; anti idpol, cancel the culture war, start the class war: All in the name of moving leftlibs to radlibs to leftists.

Heys to my first clump of followers! comment with feedback, or just say Hi, game for most things.

Going Cashless; usually doesn't mean going without money. What if it did? this episode of the show we discuss alternative currency, in socialism; or just for more community centered economy.

New episode of the Show!! last discussion of anarchism for now. This time we cover direct democracy in policy and action, from Portland to Rojava; but ask if these specific spaces of freedom are enough.

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